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  Two Bobbies
A True Story of Hurricane Katrina

Bobbi and Bob Cat are the best of friends. When their hometown of New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina, many lost everything.  But not Bobbie and Bob Cat--they still had each other. Only by staying together could they survive.  This is the story of their remarkable friendship.

Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery

Ilustrated by Jean Cassels

Walker & Company
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The Cajun Nutcracker

by Chara Mock  Illustrated by Jean Cassels

The Nutcracker ballet on the bayou.

As Merrae celebrates with her friends and family her excitement grows when she receives a Nutcracker from her godfather.  But that night she finds herself surrounded by nutria and threatened by the evil Gator King.  Soon toy soldiers and the Nutcracker come to life and battle the creatures.  Merrae is saved by the Nutcracker and finds he is truly a Prince.  In his pirogue they make their way through the misty cypriere--cypress swamp lit by la mouche a feu--fireflies to the chateau of the Sugar Cane Fairy.  There they are fed with Cajun treats and entertained by dancing cayenne peppers, pralines and le crevisse--crawfish; while soft beignets danced around the cafe' au lait. With the sweet fragrance of magnolias in the air, Prince Hudson smiles as The Sugar Cane Fairy crowns Merrae as the Cajun Princess. 

Was it all just a dream?

The Cajun Nutcracker is available at your

favorite Indie Bookstore.


Br'er Rabbit Captured!

It's a new adventure with world-renowed painter
Dr. David Harleyson; and his nephew John D.  
Dr. David plans on capturing Br'er Rabbit....
On Canvas !
But getting Br'er Rabbit to sit for his portrait is tricky;
Br'er Fox and Br'er Wolf
also want to capture him - to barbeque!

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The  Mysterious Collection of
Dr.  David Harleyson

 Where we first meet the famous artist,
Dr. David Harleyson
and his nephew John D.
There is
a mystery to be solved.

Find it at your Indie Bookstore




 Groundhog Stays Up Late

Margery Cuyler
illustrated by
Jean Cassels


Find it at your Indie Bookstore  






Once I Knew a Spider

A sweet story of the circle of life.

Jennifer Owings Dewey
illustrated by
Jean Cassels

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