Two Bobbies

A True Story of Hurrican Katrina, Friendship, and Survival


Two Bobbies Gets a 16th
Book Award Nomination! 04-2010
Congratulations Two Bobbies!

  • State Awards Received:

    2009-2010 North Dakota Flicker Tale Children's Book Award
    2009-2010 Pennsylvania Keystone Readers Award
    2009-2010 Massachusetts, Alcott School, Bronson Children's Book Award Winner!
    2010 Washington State Children's Choice Picture Book Award
    2010 Alabama Camellia Award, Emphasis on Reading
    2010 Colorado Children's Book Award...runner-up
    2010 North Carolina Children's Book Award
    2010 Montana Treasure State Award
    2011 Louisiana Young Reader’s Choice Award 
    2010-2011 South Carolina Award

2011 Missouri Show Me Reader Award

2012-2013 Florida State Children's Choice Award

2012-2013 Minnesota's 15 Books Award

State Award nominations:
2010 Bill Martin, Jr. Award, Kansas Reading Association
2010 Utah Beehive Award, Children's LiteratureAssociation
2010-2011 Arkansas Diamond Award
2010-2011 Illinois K-3 Children's Choice Monarch Award
2010-2011 Missouri Show Me Readers Award,  
2010-2011 Nevada Young Readers Award
2011-2012 Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award

Other Award nominations:

2011 Children's Triple Crown Award nomination
2011 Texas Horned Toad Tales Award nomination




Neither Bobbie the dog nor
Bob Cat has a tail,
and some say that's what
brought them together.

No one knows for sure
how they  met.

   Perhaps their owner had
a soft spot for pets
with no tails.

       But the Two Bobbies,
as they've now come
to be known, were
each exactly the friend
the other needed
at exactly the right time.

This is their story.






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