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 Creating my own art is an opportunity to have my say about the content. Illustration is  art, but it is art in the service of words and ideas that are most often someone else's.

 I have worked as an illustrator of non-fiction natural history books for children since  1975. My goal has always been to be as accurate as possible and to show how really  incredible each organism is; how perfectly it fits into its environment.

 I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to share with children my love of  nature. My hope is that through this sharing we will work together to care for and  protect the natural environment that all life depends on. Both our physical and  emotional well being is tied to the goodness of the earth.
 My "seasons and nature" paintings depict
, in astrologically defined times of the year,  the plants and animals one would see in the gardens, swamps, and bayous
 of New Orleans.



 I like using animals to represent some of the archetypes of human personalities, and it's  just fun,
 slyly giving a poke to our human egos, we who take ourselves so seriously with our rather pompous view of ourselves and our place in the universe.
Animals can be playful, bored, stubborn, curious, creative, and caring 
and they do enjoy a warm spot in the sun and a cool drink....
In fact they share many of  the same qualities we have.   

" Rosie as Queen " 
" Pepper as Napoleon "
" Happy Mardi Gras ! "
" Judge and jury"
"Prima  Donna "
"Don Diego de Silva"



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