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Teaching at New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts

My advanced training in art came through Eastern Michigan University,
The School of The Art Institute Chicago, and The University of Illinois, School of Art and Design, Chicago.  In 1991 to expand my illustrating abilities, I began further studies of figure drawing with Auseklis Ozols in master classes at The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

I joined the faculty of  NOAFA  in 1994 and since that time have taught courses in... 
life drawing,  opaque watercolor/gouache techniques,   botanical illustration, 
beginning drawing and intermediate drawing.

 Painting with Gouache:

Gouache is an amazingly versatile medium, and in this class we cover a wide range of creative possibilities, from precise realism to impressionistic abstraction. Gouache is water-based with no toxic fumes.    
There will be various in-class assignments as well as opportunity for more individual investigation and expression with assignments done outside of class.
We work from still life, photos, and nature. 
In each gouache class we have assembled a beautiful book for the members of the class; each page has a poem chosen by the student with their artistic impression of that poem

An unusual and fascinating technique presented in class is Black-ink Wash-off.
Basically, the method involves painting an image with gouache, letting it dry, and then covering the entire picture surface with waterproof black ink. Once that has dried, holding it under running water will wash off some of the soluble gouache and the ink that covers it. The result is like no other process, although there are similarities to the look of a lithograph print. There are multiple techniques explored in class for unlimited possibilities. There is opportunity for creative input at every stage of this fun and exciting process. 


Here are three examples of Black-ink Wash-off:















Beginning Drawing:
This course is about learning to see as an artist does; drawing what we see, not what we 'know'.  Studying perspective, forshortening, using mechanical aids to perception, defining forms with negative space.  Line: the contour line, varied width and weight, lost and found edges, cross-hatching.  Value: the value scale from light to dark,  form defined by light, core of the shadow, cast shadows.
Using our hands, our heads and our hearts.

Botanical Illustration:    with gouache*

* Working toward the creation of a botanical portrait that is both accurate
   and aesthetically pleasing

* Observing early botanical illustration, where the entire plant was
   described and named, and the more recent illustration style of
   showing just the flower and local leaves

* Leaving room for a more stylistic approach

* Using perspective, studying form, shape and color

   Paintings in gouache 


    Audubon Street                                                             Continuum


   Kumquat ( Fortunella spp.)                                       Kumquat, Yaupon, Camellia

           Life Drawing

What began as a solution to an illustration problem has become a true love. For me drawing the figure is endlessly fascinating and challenging.  I ask, " By what means can I communicate to the viewer of my art, all that I see as I stand before the model, not only the reality of the physical body, the flesh and bone, existing solidly in its own space, but also, hopefully, some part of the unique individual spirit as well."